Unable to execute Python script , getting "Execute Python Script.0 - ERROR (version 5.3.0 from 2019-12-03) : Unexpected error"

Unable to execute Python Script (Python 3.7.7)

Demo script execution falure


Could you please share your workflow for reference.

Please check with this sample workflow.

WF_PythonDemo.psw (17.2 KB)

Hi Bhagyashri,

Executed the sample workflow. Error text file attached.

python_error.txt (8.4 KB)

Please let me know if Python scripts can be executed ? Else I will have to look for an alternate tool.


I am also facing the same issue, could please help here?


Did you sort this issue out? If yes could you please tell me how? I am getting the same error…

Hello Rakesh,

Can you please help with the solution to this issue.

Hi Ramesh,

Have you configured the below Prerequisites:


  1. Install Anaconda, Minimum version 4.2.0

  2. No need for separate python installation, Anaconda takes care of python installation.

  3. Anaconda should be in the PATH.

  4. This can be conveniently achieved by enabling “Anaconda in PATH” checkbox during Anaconda installation else,

  5. Manually set Anaconda in the PATH environment variable by adding the following to the path

  6. <ANACONDA_BASE>; <ANACONDA_BASE>\Library\mingw-w64\bin; <ANACONDA_BASE>\Library\usr\bin; <ANACONDA_BASE>\Library\bin; <ANACONDA_BASE>\Scripts;

The workflow is working in our environment. Please update the AE version to 5.6.x or above. Attached are the screenshots for your reference.