Using mysql database in process studio instead of postgres

To use mysql in process studio,it must be installed earlier.
1.To use mysql , install XAMPP url: [Download XAMPP]
by installing this you can easily get the interface of phpmyadmin.
2.Start Apache and mysql
xampp control panel_1 mysql connector jar file and paste it in LIB folder of process studio.
4.start process studio, Create one workflow and add generate row, execute sql script.

DBL click on execute sql statement and click on New Button to create connection.

5.Give connection name
select MYSQL from connection type
select Native JDBC from Access box
hostname: localhost
database name: put your database name
port number: 3306
user name: root
password: keep it blank

  1. Click on TEST button to check configuration made successfully or not
    if it says OK that means connection made successfully. Click OK.
    7.Add some SQL code in script area( Example creating employee table)
    8.Now run the workflow
    9.And check in PHPMyadmin database the whether sql executed properly or not

how can i download jar files