Want to pass date dynamically

I want to pass the dynamic date to date picker which is in the read-only field. I have tried js code in Inject js plugin but not useful. As tried to set dates by class criteria but having multiple span tags.

After web click on date picker wants to click on date dynamically passed by the user.

First get all xpath of each and every date. Total 31.then get 12 xpath of all months. And Same year. And store in web action. Then get switch conditions if date, month, year is match on that action no then perform that action mins click is perform on that date, month, year.

Another one option is,
First get only 31 xpath for date. Then by use loop tables you get each month table you just match on that table.if date match then click on that action no.


You can try a solution by building a dynamic xpath based on both ‘class’ and ‘span’ text using the text() function, that way you can get to the exact span tag of the required date.