Unable to select the particular option from dropdown menu

Hello , I am trying to register the form in which i have to choose one of the ID proof from dropdown menu but unable to select it because dropdown is now design using select element now found ( see snapshot).

I am trying using web dropdown selection

now how can i select the one of the ID proof.

hay shubham you can use web drop down selection and in that selection value enter your expected string it will work fine

I think in this case you should select the option as a XPATH because it doesn’t seem to be a Select element.

I tried using web drop down selection but it didn’t work because select element doesn’t exists.

Yes select element does not exists. I will try with Xpath

shubham i have tried it and it is working fine please check once

I tried with individual xpath**(Aaadhar card,Driving License …)** ,it show unable to found the Element in Expected Time(See Snapshot).

On selecting the The Xpath OF Photo ID proof Field ( Dropdown Field) it shows Select Element Not Found (See ABove Snapshot)

Ok Shubham give me some time i will give you solution till tomorrow morning

see this one

I tried But it is not working (see snapshot);

because the dropdown is created in different way

shubham can you share me snapshot of that particular page where you are fetch this information

1.Go to www.cowin.gov.in
2.register via Mobile
3.Click On Register Member to get FORM

Ok Shubham i will perform this and let you know

I’m able to select the one of the ID proof from dropdown menu by performing the two Web Click. SEE the following two step:

  1. First I Click On ID proof field using its Xpath
    2.Second I Click on one of the IDproof available option using its Xpath
    SEE snapshot

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yes shubham , i also got same solution

shubham you can used web composite for that

web click
and then