Select last option from a dropdown list

In web GUI How to select last option from a dropdown list?

Hi Akshay,

To select last option from drop down list, first you need to write the code (in user defined java class) to get the (list elements) size of the list.
Then you can use this size/length-1 as the last index of the list to select that last option value in web drop-down selection step

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Hi Rohini,

I am working on udemy site but there drop down selection is not working.
The link is

Hello Bhivraj,

Could you please share your workflow for reference.

Q33.psw (16.4 KB)

We tested the workflow, found that the issue is with X-Path.

Please find the appropriate X-Path for dropdown and then select the value.

I tried every path in that list of criteria but it’s give same error

Q33.psw (16.6 KB)

try this … working correctly

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Yes, working fine for this step only.When it connected to complete workflow it gives error.

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