About AE Knights!

Hey AE Enthusiasts, noticed something new.

Yes, for some users there is a Knight appearing next to the profile pic or alphabets(Still?) and “AE Knight” role next to their name.

AE Knights are our Warriors, Enthusiasts, and Experts, who are always ready to answer* the queries in no time and troubleshoot even the hardest issues. Applauds!!!


Two ways you can take benefit of above group of warriors, enthusiasts and experts:

  1. Usually this group get notified promptly for new questions to respond, but you may mention @AE_Knights to get timely response of questions. Please note, an e-mail goes to all members of this group. So please use sparingly and in case of urgency only.
  2. You can request to join this group, if you are up for adding immense value, responding quickly and sharing knowledge. You must be hyperactive on this community in responding questions as a basis of selection.
    [Join using Groups->AE Knights Group->+Request(Up & Right corner)]

Here’s to many more buzzing discussions, curious posts and fantabulous automations!!

Happy Automation!

Warm regards,
Anand Tambey
Community Manager