Advanced REST Client


After execution of REST, received the below output.
[ { “Status”: “200 OK”, “Message”: “Saved” }]

Need to receive only Message and validate whether executed or no. Tried with below option but received variable Message as “undefined”.,
var response = JSON.parse(ArcRespBody);
var Message = response.Message;

var Message = response.Message;->undefined. Kindly help to get only this message details “Saved”…

var Message = response.request.Message; → getting error.

Hi Team,
Can i get any help for my query…

Hello sManikandansampath,

You can use the JSON Input step.
1] Pass the output of Advanced REST Client to the JSON input step to extract the required attributes.

Attached the screenshot for your reference.

Hi Kalyani,

Name - message
Path - Which value need to be select. Advanced REST output name “ArcRespBody” was not displayed on here.
Kindly suggest, how to get the REST output of “Message”: “Saved” alone.


I’ve attached a sample workflow to extract “message” from the response body. Please make changes in the Advanced REST Client according to your REST call.

Also, I’m attaching a video link on How to use the JSON Input step. Please go through the same.
Link - AutomationEdge for Dummies: Json Input (With Subtitle) - YouTube

Sample Workflow -
WF_Test.psw (18.7 KB)