Parsing JSON Script!

Problem :

“How to parse value from JSON Script and and pass variable values to next step??”


Suppose below is response body after successful API call:

{“message”:“OK”,“success”:true,“userFirstName”:“xxxx”,“userLastName”:“xxxx”,“emailId”:null,“errorMessage”:null,“tenant”:{“id”:xxxx,“name”:“AE Demo Tenant 1”,“orgCode”:“DEMO1”,“createdDate”:1523236296088,“lastUpdatedDate”:1580807594573,“onPrem”:null,“trial”:null,“adminOrg”:false,“deleted”:null,“description”:null}," sessionToken “:“19006af5878e60969131c2c7f911ad06addfc56e12c89e5cf7edbd7b74ab4b2f:5ee4ff96-04ef-444b-9e77-72d68930853d1593160313026”,“roles”:“ROLE_TENANT_ADMIN”,“forceChangePassword”:false,“userName”:”*",“lastLoginTime”:1593159164329}


If we requires the ‘session token’ to pass for further processing, Just parse this script using JSON Input Step and get required variable as below;

  1. Provide JSON Script body in the Select field:

  2. Check Do not raise an error if no files checkbox

  3. Insert variable for further usage.

    As the sessionToken is not under any other field we get its value direct as “$.sessionToken”
    Suppose we require “orgCode” under “tenant” field, provide value as “$.tenant.orgCode”

  4. If you want to pass this variable to pass in next workflow/process. Use set variable Step.

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