Apache Tomcat in AutomationEdge Server

I am getting a memory error when starting Tomcat from Windows services. Please suggest a resolution.

When running tomcat as service, change the memory settings as per the following steps,

  1. Stop Tomcat Service if it is up.
  2. Go to → %TOMCAT_HOME%/bin
  3. Search for tomcat(version number)w.exe (for e.g., tomcat9w.exe) and run it
  4. Under Java tab change following properties, as shown in the snapshot below:
    * Initial Memory Pool: 1024 MB*
    * Maximum Memory Pool :2048 MB*
  • You may have to increase the allocated memory to higher values depending upon the load on the AE server

(For example if a machine has 8 GB RAM set
* Initial Memory Pool: 2048 MB*
* Maximum Memory Pool :4096 MB* )
5. Start Tomcat Service.