Update the Tomcat service name with Actual service name

Hi! All,

I wish to update the Tomcat service name with a suitable service name for my application?

Please suggest.


  • Open the Services.msc from the computer

  • Select the Apache-Tomcat-Service, right-click and select properties

  • Here you can find the Actual Tomcat Service Name

  • The tomcat service configuration is set on below 2 files present in apache-tomcat/bin folder

  • The *w.exe file is used for updating the service parameters like heap size etc.

  • Name of the *w.exe file has to match the service name, otherwise even if you make changes in the parameters, those do not take effect

Ex: If your tomcat service name is “abc” then you need to create a new file with the name “abcw.exe ” and do the configuration changes in this file to take effect

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