AutomationEdge Game of BOTs Challenge

AutomationEdge Game of BOTs Challenge

Want a BOT in your name(s)? Let’s play the Game - The Game Of BOTS!!!

Submit your BOT ideas here: Microsoft Forms

Submit your BOT here: Developer Submissions - AutomationEdge

4 Secrets to Win The Game

  1. Build The BOT With the Utmost Quality
    Use RRR - Remove, Reduce and Re-arrange the workflow steps to make it efficient before automation. There is no point in automating inefficient processes.
    Plan everything for the building BOT (What, Who, When, How, Where and Why) and execute diligently.
    6 Critical Questions To Achieve Success: The Right Way!
    One important trait to be an innovator!!!

  2. Bring A WoW factor & Innovation.
    Have a unique selling point, a new or intelligent way to increase efficiency and quality.
    Simply adding extra features or a shiny surface won’t help. Be sure to highlight and elaborate on the actual business value/benefits.
    One important trait to be an innovator!!!
    17 Secrets of Innovation-Inside Innovator's Mind

  3. Wrap-up Well
    Leave no loose ends and integrate it well.
    There should be a place for everything, and everything in its place (5S - Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)
    Have a well-defined directory structure, clean code, action naming conventions, standards and reusability.
    All the checks, validations and tests are in place.
    How to write Clean Code? | HackerNoon

  4. Have A Killer & Winning Demo
    Ensure the demo shows the BOT in action. Show, don’t just tell.
    Without a working solution, there are no rewards. Everything else would become void.
    Be sincere, not serious. Make the most of the process and celebrate the little successes.
    Teamwork: Lessons learnt from "The Last Lecture"
    BOT Challenge Topic
    Best AutomationEdge RPA Solution/BOT to Solve an Automation Problem
    Industry-Specific (Banking, Financial Services, Insurance & Healthcare)
    Horizontal (IT Automation)
    We’ve learned that AutomationEdge Business Partners can use their expertise to help their clients in banking, healthcare, retail, and many other industries to build RPA solutions based on real-world challenges that those organizations are facing today.

In this challenge, use AutomationEdge RPA and other tools/systems to develop a new solution for your clients.

How can we:
Find inefficiencies and customer challenges that are a good candidate for automation?
Create a new solution using AutomationEdge RPA?
Examples are below but not limited to:
RPA bots to manage the loan approval process
RPA bot with orchestration to manage customer onboarding and offboarding
…unlimited possibilities
Let’s broaden our vision of what RPA can do – especially in collaboration with data sources, artificial intelligence (AI), and other Automation systems, like business rules, document processing, and workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions(Updated)

  1. I am a Customer, Partner and Non-Developer? What can I do?
    Inspiring and encouraging your teams to participate.
    Besides that, you can also submit the ideas as an individual.

  2. Can I submit the BOT ideas as an individual?
    Absolutely Yes.

  3. Can I submit the BOT as an individual?
    Yes, but it is optional for individuals.

  4. How many members allowed in one team?
    Minimum 2 to maximum 5 developers.

  5. Can one partner have multiple teams participating?
    Maximum Two Teams Per Partner

  6. Can we submit multiple ideas?
    Yes, more the merrier and chances to grab prizes.

  7. Do we need to select idea & develop BOT from ideas submitted only by us?
    Yes. It should be from your/team’s unique ideas.

  8. Can we select a different idea from submitted ideas by us, to develop a BOT?
    No. However, you can build upon one or more of your ideas to create a BOT. You need to make sure it can be completed in stipulated time.

  9. What if two teams are working on similar ideas?
    May the best would win based on unique approach/value.

  10. How the ideas will be judged?

Here are the criteria’s & cheat sheet available for the judges as well as you.

S.No. Criteria Description Points
1 Value Valuable to business, and market Fit for purpose/Repeatable 4
2 WoW Factor Novelty/Innovation/Out of the box Idea? 1

  1. How the BOTs would be judged in the final round?
    Here are the criteria’s & cheat sheet available for the judges as well as you.
    S.No. Criteria Description Points
    1 Value Valuable to business, and market Fit for purpose/Repeatable 40
    2 WoW Factor Novelty/Innovation/Out of the box Idea/Implementation? 20
    3 Standards How better Implemented in terms of standard and clarity? 10
    4 User Experience Performance and Intuitive 10
    5 Functionality Is it Working? 20

  2. What if, I have more questions?
    Please feel free to mail Anand Tambey,

Stay Tuned
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