Best way to communicate a (parent) workflow with a (child) process


I have a list of files (in csv format). for each file i need to validate if file exists, then if file exist, i need to unzip it and then i need to move the original file to another location.

And as a result of this processing, i need a list of “results” (which files where found, which ones where unzziped sucessfully and wich ones where moved).

As unzip, file location and file move are “process” componentes, i have a parent WF that reads the CSV and then uses “process executor” to do the processing.

But im unable to get the result of the process to the WF.

Is there a best practice for this? i have try to use “set workflow result component” but its not passing the information (it always return “SUCCESS” values)

@Federico.chaves you can only send variables from Workflow to Workflow. As far as I’m concern you can’t send a variable from WF to Process.