Birthday mail

I need to check birthdate and send happy birthday mail from customer details input file which contains custId, CustName, emailAddress, dob.

Hi Samiksha,

Just follow 2 steps:

  1. Read excel file using Microsoft Excel Input step.

  2. Check the date from the dob column irrespective of the year with the current date using Modified Java Script Value step.
    IF Matches Then Send mail to that particular Customer’s emailAddress using Mail Step.
    IF NOT Then Skip and continue with next customer.

Could you please elaborate the second step.

Using Excel Input, Modified Java Script , Row filter and Mail Step you can send the birthday mail


  1. Read the file using Excel Input.
  2. Retrieve system date in Modified Java Script and Compare it with DOB and then add new column Send mail flag=true or false.
  3. Use row filter i.e Send mail flag=true
  4. Use mail step to send the mail

Ok. Thank you @BhagyashriC and @Aakash_oswal.