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Hello, how are you?
I’m not able to execute a process because the browser recognizes the automation and the it does not open with a logged profile, so the website changes the authentication method.
I’ve made some researches about integrate a browser with User Defined Java Class step as Process Studio instance, and I know it’s possible to set the browser to be opened with a google chrome profile. As it is a big process, I don’t have time to make everything with selenium.
Is it possible to find this Java code somewhere? I’m not a Java expert because I don’t have enough knowledge in PS structure to embed this browser to be compatible with all steps.
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Hi Nathalia.
Did you try to use the google chrome profile directory? If you do, it only downloads to download folder.
When using the Profile directory path, then a bar appears in the upper screen indicating that it is being controlled.
AET shared through the community Java Class code to disappear this bar. Maybe that could help you to move forward.

I am not a Java Class expert either.

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Hi, how are you?
Yes, I was able to open it with Selenium, but I’m struggling to use the borwser with the steps already developed.
Thank you!!