Incognito Mode

Hi Team ,

Is there any way to open incognito mode using start browser in PS.


Hi Zack,

No. You cant open the browser in Incognito mode using the Start Browser step.

You can use the below code in the User Defined Java Class step to launch the browser in Incognito mode.

ChromeOptions o= new ChromeOptions();
// add Incognito parameter
// DesiredCapabilities object
DesiredCapabilities c =;
//set capability to browser
c.setCapability(ChromeOptions.CAPABILITY, o);
WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(o);
driver.get(" ");

@rakesh.kale I tried your code in the suggested step but I get this error:

Hi Fernando,

I am attaching a workflow for your reference. Please try with the same.

In the UDJ class, provide your driver path for the below property.

System.setProperty(“”, “C:\Process-Studio-RAKESH_K\process-studio\psplugins\Web-GUI\webui_drivers\CHROME91.exe”);
BrowserIncognitoMode.psw (15.4 KB)

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Hi Rakesh,

If we’ll open the browser in incognito mode using UDJC after that we will use any plugin of PS(like web action, dropdown and etc) it will throw an error that: chrome not reachable.

Do you have any soution for this.

if you open Browser using UDJ you’ll have to keep on sending commands and events in that code… Web Steps won’t work.