Chrome is being controlled by Automated Test Software

When defining Profile Directory Path in the Start Browser step, the browser shows the message as displayed in the subject header.
MS Edge does it even though there is no Profile Directory Path defined.

As I am using image capture at coordinates, this message distorts the display.

There are many suggestions with Selenium, but where can we implement them in AutomationEdge.


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Dear @AE_Knights - Could you pl. answer to this interesting question?

Hi! Willem,

When you want to set a browser profile you could use the ‘Modified Java Script’ step to set the browser profile and start the browser.
I am attaching a sample workflow for your reference.

WF_Chrome_Custom.psw (11.2 KB)

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Thanks Seema.
Will analyze and try it out.

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Hi Willem,
Currently we cannot set Chrome Options in Start Browser Step but as Seema pointed out we can add a User Defined Java Class Step to set the chrome option to hide this message which says ‘Chrome is being controlled by Automated Test Software’
To do this we need to add the following chrome option to the driver
chromeOptions.setExperimentalOption(“excludeSwitches”, new String{“enable-automation”});
PFA sample workflow
WF_HideInfoBar.psw (6.2 KB)