Captcha V2 or V3

I am trying to solve captcha and have been able to capture the key and pass it through the DBC step. It returns the text. Then the Inject JS and generates an error.

The captcha being used is in hidden form and do not know if it is a V2 or V3. V3 uses an action tag and not sure how that is being used internally.

The programming of the web site is a little complex and codes are inserted externally. I could find the code when inspecting the web page. and found in the coding some texts that made no sense for what this service is supposed to provide so believe it has something to do with the Action Tag.

Anyone who can guide me will be appreciated.

Hi @wllmdjngh if it’s hidden it’s Captcha v3.

Be aware that for v3 normally you have to submit not only the token but a function like: Submit(); or sometimes OnSubmit() along with the injection JS with the token.

Normally that function relies in the button where the login will be submitted.

If you can please do share the url so I can help you further!

Hope it helps.

Thanks Fernando. I followed the example shown in a video some of your team explained. Great video.

I followed the documented instructions and generated a token error.

I found some info on the web site and thought that could be “action” part of the DBC plugin.

I found the webpage rather complex to find the information and the Key could be found when doing inspect on the site.

Hope you can find something that allows me to move forward. Attached the project.

Trouble with Java Script (450 KB)