Captcha problem : DBC Image

How to resolve captcha using DBC: Image. It’s fine if someone share Workflow of configuration.

Hello Zack,

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Please refer our plugin reference guide for your query. You find all details about every step in process studio.

Follow below steps to reach the document:

  1. Login to AE portal using your credentials.

  2. Go to Resources tab

  3. You will find the “AutomationEdge Plugin Reference Guide” and all other guides here.

This images are for your reference. Please find more details from the guide.

I’m trying to download the captcha using web download image but getting error -Invalid image type, supported types are: BMP,JPG,JPEG,PNG or SVG.
is there another way to download image??

Yes, go for ‘Capture Screenshot’ step instead.

We have one more solution for you. Refer below link.

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