Capture Process ID

Hi. I would like to check if my WF is being tested in PS or being executed by an agent.
Would like to avoid executing cost generating steps if process being tested.

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@wllmdjngh It’s really good way to avoid unnecessary costs ensuring production level WF and already executing, if I am able to understand correctly.

@hemanshu.rukadikar is there any way this could be achieved?

The point is, and maybe the message was sent without any further explanation,
Using RestAPI to external systems that generate costs for each transaction, when doing Dev/QA, not to use these steps and instead have a steps that simulates the API Call.
For that there is a need to know if the WF is being executed through PS or in production. If by PS, bypass the API but in production, execute the API.
We are working on some WF, for each execution through PS, it calls the API generating unnecessary cost.
Si if there is a way to know the process ID when executing through Agent but not available through PS, that would be great.
Hope this explains a little more my point.