How to invoke a bot from outside AE


In an asynchronous business flow, I am sending data to an external system via REST API. But how do we receive the response data back in AE? one way is to expose a separate bot through REST and this bot be called using REST API. Can someone guide please on how to enable REST API for a bot so that it can be called from outside.


Could you help me with the same question looking for same option ?

Hi Richa,

I am attaching a latest AutomationEdge REST API guide for your reference. Please refer the same.AE_REST_API_Guide_5.4.0_Onwards_ExternalUse.pdf (463.8 KB)

I believe that everytime you send a APi request you get the Workflow Id as a result, correct?

with that info, you can check the API to see the status of that Workflow using that ID, this way you are able to see if the WF has finished or not.

another option is to insert inside the workflow a request with the information alerting the external system that the WF has finished.

those are some options I came up with if I got your problem correctly.