Run Agent in a click button

Hey everyone! How can I do it in an application, call the automation API to run the Agent after I click on a button? It’s possible? I need to run a certain robot after the user uses the application and submits it.

Thank you for the all support and help!

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You can do it through RestAPI.
Request the documentation from Support.
First you need to request a TOKEN, then Execute WF, After that you can request status and restart if there was a failure, like WEB page down.
All through API.

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Thank you, but how I request this TOKEN?
I didn’t understand this part

The below WF is an example on how to get the token through an API call.
Only way you can get this TOKEN.
Hope this helps.

WF_Inicialización.psw (14.6 KB)


In fact, I have a simple application, html and javascript, in this application I have a button. I need to run a workflow after this button is pressed, calling the API directly through javascript, and how do I do that?

Hi! Vinicius

Please can you refer these links and try yo implement calling API from a Java Script.

[4 Ways to Make an API Call in JavaScript ]

[html - How to call a REST web service API from JavaScript? - Stack…]

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It worked, thank you for all!