Changing color of updated cells in excel

Hi team,
I took one excel file in that file I wants to Update certain fields of “Mobile number” and “Marital status” columns for some customer and also want this updated cell color should change to yellow.
Any suggestions, how I can achieve this

For update purpose use modified java where assigned new name to variable and give this connection to excel file check excel header.
For color change you need give this color to any fields in the excel and then which field you won’t change color like this just go to style cell and give that cell no

This is my workflow:

I have used UDJC to change value of specific cell then used Excel writter to change color
configuration of Excel writer :
Output I am getting after Excel writer is :

I want that only row no 11’s cell that is D11 and F11(updated cells) be in yellow color and rest of the cell with no color
in this case what to do next…


can we do this with modified javascript? and please share your code for user-defined java class too.

Hi, Have you got any solution?

No solution met.