Comparing data from the same field

Hi I’m new to AE so I wasn’t sure how to do this -

In my flow I’m trying to compare the data from same field with some conditions

I want to compare the above fields data. Like I’m trying to compare the 2 data from the same amount field.

I’m trying to compare each field data with all the other field data with some conditions.

Hi Tarum
There are several plugins that could allow you some massaging of the data. To control duplicates, you could sort first the rows and then filter with unique rows.
Other 2 plugins you may want to investigate are (de)normalize. Transform you data from rows to columns and viceversa.
If what you need is more complex, you may use a Database and manage through DB Scripting.
Hope this give you some insights on the various plugins where you could manage multiple rows.

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In case I’m not looking to remove duplicates, If I’m trying to validate the data then is there a way in which I can compare the data(2 data from the same field) on filter rows.