Removing true and false duplicates while validating

In this scenario I’m validating a set of current data with previous collection of data. So in a WF I use filter rows to check if the previous provider names where the same as the current one, I have provided multiple data where it is true and false(Since the provider could have been changed previously). So instead of it being 2 separate line items one as true and other as false I wanted the out to be just false since prior to the current the provider name was different at least once.

This is the other set of current/ historic data that I’m validating against.

  • The one highlighted in blue is the one that I’m using just consider the provider name in that I’ll be passing that separately on to the WF.
  • The green one is where the I get the line item as true
  • The red one is where it is taken as false.

This is the flow

In rename fields I pass the same fields in Get variables to only get the required data and pass that out of the WF.

What I’m looking for -
So what I want to do is instead of getting 2 different line items 1 for true and 1 for false, I want to return a single line item as false when it is false at least once in this validation.

Hi! Tarun,

Have you thought of using start Loop - Continue Loop steps. In the loop you can check for Name, claim Number and Provider name. If it finds a row with provider name check as false insert that else insert the row with provider name check true.

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll check on this and get back to you.