Create Google Spreadsheet

How to create Google Spreadsheet?

Hello meghakalyanshetty,

For creating a Google Spreadsheet, you can use Google Sheets: Create Spreadsheet plugin step in the Process Studio.

What I have to write in Spreadsheet ID field in Create Spreadsheet Plugin step? do I need to keep it as it is?

Spreadsheet ID field is an Output field, you’ve to provide the Spreadsheet name and run the workflow, the unique identifier is assigned to all the spreadsheets which is displayed in Spreadsheet ID Output field.
You don’t need to write anything in that field, just keep it as it is.

I have done the same as you suggested
Screenshot for your reference, But getting blank output field

Create Spreadsheet is not an Input step. You’ll have to attach Generate rows, Get variables, or any other Input step to it.
Refer to the image attached.



Thank you @KalyaniW

I would recommend using the Start step rather than generate rows in this scenario. Unless you do not want to pass any data or multiple rows as input without using any other input file, you should ideally stick with Start step

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Yeah sure thank you!! @hemanshu.rukadikar

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