Creating multiple sheets

How to create multiple sheets in single excel workbook?

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Hi Sbhubham,
As workflow executes in a parallel manner, we cannot create multiple sheets simultaneously in one excel workbook.
In this case, we need to use “Block the step until steps finish” step to serialize the generation of sheets in one excel workbook like shown in the attached screenshots.

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How to merge multipe sheets data into one sheet?

Do you have same fields/columns in all the sheets.

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Yes, All fields are same in all sheets

Please refer below workflow.

WF_MultipleSheetsInput.psw (19.9 KB)


Thank you, successfully executed.

Ok ma’am ,i got this with different excel input but “if we are having single excel input file” with 30 rows in it and we want to split it in 3 different sheet with single sheet should consist maximum 10 rows ?

Directly go for using step Microsoft Excel Input(get its all sheets while configuring ) and Microsoft Excel Writer