Credential Pool


How to run workflow with credential parameter in automation edge.


Follow below steps-

  1. Create workflow in PS
  2. Define run time parameters for the workflow & it’s type is credential(username & password)
    runtime-true if we need to pass credentials at the execution time on AE portal
    runtime-false if we need parameters while configuring workflow on AE portal(as configuration parameters)
  3. Create credentials on AE portal & dump credentials in pool.
  4. Sync above PS-workflow on AE, either fetch credentials from credentials/credential pool
  5. Send request for AE-workflow & execute it.



HI, but how should we fullfill the credential form at the portal? what parameters will password and user be at the workflow?



For user name & password you can provide the required values need in your workflow.
Parameters starting from Parameter-1 to Encrypted Parameter-2 are not mandatory.
You can provide values only when it is required.(like, url, or ip of system to log on)