Credential Pool

How to run workflow with credential parameter in automation edge.

Follow below steps-

  1. Create workflow in PS
  2. Define run time parameters for the workflow & it’s type is credential(username & password)
    runtime-true if we need to pass credentials at the execution time on AE portal
    runtime-false if we need parameters while configuring workflow on AE portal(as configuration parameters)
  3. Create credentials on AE portal & dump credentials in pool.
  4. Sync above PS-workflow on AE, either fetch credentials from credentials/credential pool
  5. Send request for AE-workflow & execute it.



HI, but how should we fullfill the credential form at the portal? what parameters will password and user be at the workflow?


For user name & password you can provide the required values need in your workflow.
Parameters starting from Parameter-1 to Encrypted Parameter-2 are not mandatory.
You can provide values only when it is required.(like, url, or ip of system to log on)

Can you please elaborate this with an example on exactly how to use this.I have a webpage that requires username and password to logon

I have saved credential type variable in AE Portal.

in my workflow I have used a start browser plugin and a Web composite plugin.

I have defined the runtime parameters as-

how do i use the defined parameters in my web composite plugin of my workflow, the value field doesn’t show these parameters ?

Hi Nipun,

In your run time parameters no need to separately define 2 parameters & type of those as the credential. A single parameter with credential can accommodate username & password:

After that, you can use Get Variables step before or after the Start Browser step & can specify new fields accepting your run-time parameters & these fields will be accessible in Web Composit step:

Or else you can directly use your runtime variable/Parameter names under value column as below:


Thanks Rohini,

Will you please explain the following fields also :
Encrypted Paramater1
Encrypted Paramaeter2

Exactly what information can be stored in each of them. With a practical real world example.
And how can they be used in the WorkFlow.

@NipunA this additional info can be used for cases like: SAP Connections where you need to add the number of the SAP environment, this variable can also be store in the credentials as those additional parameters.

@fbaldin Thanks Fernando. That helps.