Date and getDate() Java Class

I am trying to do some Date calculations in Java Class, but when inserting the code suggested by the plugin, all variables of the process are gone.
Suppose that si because it generates an error in the code, as getDate() is deprecated.
Any one who can explain to me or how to manage alternatives in calculating future date.

Hello @wllmdjngh

To perform a date operations, can we use “Modified Java Script Value” Plugin instead?

We have date functions ready there. Please check Attached as an example.

If all variables of the process are gone, try below steps:

  • Open plugin Configuration
  • get main method in java class plugin
  • Close plugin configuration
  • Save WF
  • Again open Plugin Configuration then they are able to see all the input variables in java class plugin

WF_Community_DateFunction.psw (14.5 KB)

Thanks Gaurav.
It is an assignment where data calculations must be executed in java Class.
As per your suggestion, that template (Date value = get(Fields.In, “Policy Date”).getDate(r):wink: in Java Class has problems?