Download through Browswer to a directory not part of the ${Internal.Entry.Current.Directory}

Have gotten issues with the browser downloading to a directory that is not part of the working directory of the process/workflow. It fails to download.
When ${Internal.Entry.Current.Directory} is part of the download directory structure, it works fine, with the exception when length of directory & filename exceeds the 250-character limit, it will shorten the name, and in my case, lose control of what to expect. I needed to create a directory like “C:/dwnld” to be able to do the job but did not allow me.
Anybody been able to bypass this limitation?

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@AE_Knights could you please look into it?

Hi, any update on this issue, I’m facing the same right now

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Hi wllmdjngh,

Could you please let me know what error you are getting when you specified this download directory. I specified directory as c:\dwnld (with backward slash) in StartBrowser Step and the file got downloaded properly at that that location(Chrome browser)
Which browser are you trying with?