Error! : Unable to find Mozilla Firefox on the system

I have a project that needs images to generate some reports and we need to use the Internet Explorer to access the website because it’s the only browser that support this system.
I have to generate 54 reports, it’s a simple workflow, but when I run it on the server, the error occurs in the Start Browser, even when I have it set up to open the Internet Explorer, not the Firefox.
Is there any kind of support about it? Thanks in advance.
Kindest Regards,
Nathalia Souza.

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@AE_Knights Could you pl. help?

A bit confused here. Need IExplorer but specify Firefox cannot be found.
Must specify in start browser which browser is to be used and browser must be installed and correct version. Not necessarily latest version is working. Needs some time for AET to update the plugin after new browser release. You can check ~\process-studio\psplugins\GUI-Automation\webui_drivers which versions are supported.