Excel Data Sort

I have an excel input as below

And I want the output as below

any suggestions on getting this output will be helpful

below is the input file attached
CustDetails.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Hi @Deepak_Y,
Sorry we could not reply earlier. What version of AE are you using?

Hello @hemanshu.rukadikar,

Thank you for your response,
Currently, I’m using 7.1.1 and also, need to do the same on the 5.4 version.

Thanks for the info.
I am attaching a Process Studio project. This is a simple working of your requirement. Just import the project in Process Studio. One of our developers has built this for you.
CommunityDemo.zip (9.0 KB)

Hi @hemanshu.rukadikar,

Thank you for the quick response,
JFYI, the workflow you have share is static, which I have also built by two different methods.
Is there any way to make it dynamic in case we are getting N number input data from clients end in a similar manner as in the input file.
I thought it will work with for loop in javascript but after few trails I failed to do so.