How to read multiple excel files in a folder one by one then sort each excel files?


The scenario is I want to read multiple excel files in a folder one by one.
Then determine and sort each file, if the student number starts with 1 it should move the excel file to the 1st year folder, same goes if the student number starts with 2 it should be moved to the 2nd year folder. can you help me build the workflow for this? thank you

sample data
Note: these 2 are separate excel files.

Hello @jmr

You can use Filter Row plugin step to achieve your use case.
I’ve attached the workflow for your reference.
Student1.xlsx (7.8 KB)
Student2.xlsx (7.8 KB)
WF_ReadMultipleExcel.psw (23.6 KB)

Hi kalyaniW,

Thanks for this.
How about if there are 10 or more students. Each student has a separate excel file.
Im planning to just use 1 excel input plugin step and read all the excel files one at a time to avoid merging the data. How can I do this?

You will have to modify the conditions in Filter Row step according to your need.

after modifying the conditions in filter row step, is it possible to dynamically configure the excel output step?
instead of using multiple excel output step, it will just be 1 excel output and then it will just increment depending on the number of input files? is this possible?

If you want to use only one Excel Output step, you can make use of multiple sheet in the Excel so that data will be stored in multiple excel sheets instead of multiple Excel output.