Read data from multiple excel file but do not merge result into a single file

Is it possible to read multiple files in a folder, but do not merge all data into one excel file?

what I want to achieve is, different output file per excel input.

currently, im using one excel input step and I added wildcard regexp to read all excel files in the folder. how to prevent it in merging all data in a single excel outputfile?

Hello @jmr

You can use Filter rows plugin step to filter the data according to your need and then save it in different output excel.

Hello @jmr !
Please refer to the below screen shots and try to implement the same workflow using below given explanation.

  1. Take two input excel files with same column names.

Input Excel 1:

Input Excel 2:

  1. Workflow 1:

  2. Workflow 2:

By following above 3 steps, you will get below output:

Output Excel 1:

Output Excel 2:

Please try to implement this workflow on your own. If you still face any problems then I will share my complete workflow with you.

How to merge two same excel files in a single one output file

Hello Shivani,

You can refer to the image given below.
Give data from multiple excel files using the Microsoft Excel Input step and combine the data in one single excel using the Microsoft Excel Output step.

Hello @Shivani2 !
We can merge two same excel file using combination of steps viz., Microsoft Excel Input, Merge Rows, Unique rows (HashSet).

Example is as below:
Please note, I have made assumptions about same excel file since I don’t have much to go on over here.
Step 1:
Excel File 1 data:

Excel File 2 data:

Here column under consideration is Name. Value Virat is same in both the excel file. So we will merge the data using Merge Rows step and this merged data will be available for further processing in Process Studio.

Step 2:
Prepare a workflow as below:

Step 3:
Open Microsoft Excel Input step and substitute values as below:

Step 4:
Open Merge Rows (diff) step and substitute values as below:

Step 5:
Open Unique rows (HashSet) step and substitute values as below:

Step 6:
Execute the workflow consisting of above steps and we will get result as below:

Please refer to the below attachment which contains the above workflow for further reference.
WF_TestMergeTwoExcelFiles.psw (18.8 KB)

Hello @Shivani2 !
Once you are done with above workflow (WF_TestMergeTwoExcelFiles.psw) then add Microsoft Excel Output step in the same workflow (Please refer to the image in the comment of @KalyaniW) to print the values in an excel file as the final result.