How can we merge three excel sheets(same header with different data) in a single excel Sheet

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I am having one input excel file with three sheets(same header with different data) and I want merge these three sheets in single sheet. How can I do this using process Studio. I am getting error. Please refer attached screen shot.

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I think that if the files have the same structure: Headers and Data you can add multiple input files in just one Excel Input Step that will read all files.

Not sure, but worth a trying :slight_smile:


Kindly confirm provided data type has been same or not.

If yes then you have to read single file without specifying the sheet name. Automatically you will get merged data.

Alternatively, you can use append stream plugin by using three input plugin.

Also, in the existing logic check length of the maths_marks.


If you have common headers in all the three excel sheets, then in that case you would have to sort the excel sheets in process studio on the basis of one common header, and then join the three sheets using a ‘Multiway Merge Join’ based on the common header you would use and then write them to an excel sheet.
Sample Screenshot

I am sorting the data based on Employee ID which is common across all three sheets.

Merge Configuration

In the above sample i am adding Incentives which are spread across all the excel sheets for a given employee.