FastTrack June 2020: AE Patch 5.5.1 has been applied on T3 instance

Plugins of release 1.5 ready to use on T3 instance

Which Plugins released?? Quick Review below

Plugin                     version
OOTB-Plugin            4.0
Web-GUI                  6.4
Python-Script           2.5
DesktopPlugins        5.2
active-directory        5.2
Jira                           4.1

Just 2 minutes for enhancing your experience with AutomationEdge

  1. Open the Process Studio from respective directory.(e.g. D:\process-studio-5.5.0).

  2. Enter your credentials and open.

  3. Click on the Close button(Automatically restarts your Process Studio).

  4. After Restart, go to Tools -> Sync Plugins -> Enter your Password -> Click on Connect.

  5. Enjoy the Automation with AutomationEdge.