Unable to Sync plugins in Process Studio


“Unable to Sync plugins in version 5.5.0 of Process Studio”
“Unable to Sync plugins in Process Studio after version upgrade”
“Plugin Sync operation on the cloud server failed”
“Error in downloading Plugins in Process Studio”


Following are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Login to your T3 account from https://t3.automationedge.com
  2. Go to Resources Tab
  3. Download Process Studio (Again, if you are not using latest one)
  4. Deregister the earlier Process Studio & then register the new one in Process Studio Tab
    (Refer to this video for detailed instructions: https://youtu.be/Pfn21KV0qvA).
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I performed all the given steps. It is still stuck here.

EDIT: After around 5 minutes it displayed ‘1 secs’ in front of it moved ahead.