Showing Error Missing Plugin in process studio


I am trying to utilize a plugin in Process Studio, while using it I am getting the following Error-
“This file has missing plugins and will not successfully run.
You can open the file and replace the missing steps
Get Temperature through-Get Temperature
Or try adding the plugins (s) by searching the Marketplace.”

Enclosed is screenshot of the same.
Please provide me solution.


Hi Upasna,

This error is occurred because you are using Get Temperature through-Get Temperature Plugin directly in the Process Studio.

Before using it in Process Studio you need to upload the plugin to AutomationEdge Server and then you can utilize it in Process Studio.
Solution:- Upload Plugins:

Below are the steps to upload the plugin in AE-Server
§Stage I -Login using Sysadmin

To Upload Plugins-New/ Update-

  1. Use the Menu Toggle to expand the main menu.

  2. Click on Plugins menu item

  3. Click Upload button on the extreme right.

  4. Select operation: New.

  5. Choose plugin file

  6. View the Uploaded Plugins-New Success message.

§Stage II - Sync AE Plugins With Process Studio.

1)Double click on Process Studio.bat.

2)AutomationEdge Connection Details pop-up window appears, provide Tenant Admin Credentials.

3)Upon operation completion the normal Process Studio window appears, If Process Studio plugins are up-to date a pop-up indicating that Process Studio plugins are up to date.

Please let me know whether issue is resolved or not.

Thanks and Regards,
Archana Muley