Unsupported Google Chrome version : 92.0.4515.159 for AE 7.0

Currently using t3.automationedge.com.
Chrome - Unsupported Google Chrome version : 92.0.4515.159
Firefox - Unsupported Mozilla Firefox version : 91.0.1

Due to using t3 version, doesn’t having the sysadmin credentials for upload.
Whether we need to download from EPD and directly update into process studio of below path.?
Every time sync plugins perform, whether it will again removed and older version will installed in this path…?

Dear Team,

Can i get any suggestion. Is it possible to upload into path or I need downgrade the chrome version…?

TO upgrade the plugin you need to wait for the AutomationEdge Administrator to do so.
The eaisest way is to downgrade the Chrome using the offline installer this way it won’t update itself.