Unsupported Google Chrome version : 92.0.4515.131 for AE 7.0

Dear Team,

I have updated On premise AE 6.0 to AE 7.0. Once the update was complete, Google chrome version 87 was not supporting. So i have tried installing 89 and 92 (the latest version) but the error persist.
“Error: Start Browser.0 - Unsupported Google Chrome version : 92.0.4515.131”

I have also checked the chrome.info file and tried the solutions provided in the community but couldn’t resolve the issue.

Please do the needful.

Hi Gahana,

Please download the latest Chrome ZIPs from EPD and upload them to your GUI Automation plugin via File Management via SysAdmin login.

Thank You.

I have followed the steps the the error has resolved.

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Dear Hemanshu,

Currently using t3.automationedge.com. how to download and install in process studio alone.
Chrome - Unsupported Google Chrome version : 92.0.4515.159
Firefox - Unsupported Mozilla Firefox version : 91.0.1

Whether we need to download from EPD and directly update into process studio of below path.? Bcoz using t3 version only. So not available the sysadmin credentials.

Dear Team,

PLS suggest.