Chrome version is not supporting

I am using Process Studio with version-7.1.2. And Chrome version is 116.0.5845.111 . But when I am going to use GUI-spy, then it is showing that chrome version is not supported.
Can anyone please tell me what would be the supported version for the Process Studio of version - 7.1.2?
I have already gone through the release note of that version. It is showing that 57 & above version is supported.

Hi! Subha,

The supported Chrome version is related to the GUI Plugin release version. Please check the version of your GUI Plugin. Possibly you need to upgrade your plugin.

Hi @seema.kothari1 ,
Can you please guide me that how I can check my GUI Plugin Version?
And If I want to upgrade it, then how can I do so?

Hi! Subha

You can check the Plugin Release version from the AE UI Plugins menu.

You can also check the Plugin version from the Process Studio menu: Tools–>Show Plugin Information.

And you can check the Release Notes for that version.

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