Chrome driver not supported in Web GUI!


Process Studio Version: 5.1.2

Chrome driver version 83.x not supported in Web GUI Plugin.

driver not supported (1)

This happens when the Workflow gets executed with the older version of JAR (i.e. incompatible with Chrome 83). It throws an error even when the JAR gets replaced.


Get the latest WEB GUI plugin jar from EPD (i.e., web-gui-1.4.1-complete.jar) and paste it in WEB GUI folder (For ex. D:\process-studio-5.1.2\psplugins\Web-GUI)

Take the backup of everything except the WEB GUI jar and run the process again. It works perfectly now.

Note: Don’t keep the extra jars in the plugin folder (mostly old jars).

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what does EPD mean here?

EPD - Electronic Product Distribution.

This portal includes jars and other data related to AutomationEdge’s Product, i.e. Process studio.

The access to EPD is granted while on-boarding, the customer and employees can get access to this portal from their respective team manager.