Google won't sign in automated login account

Hello and Good day.

As I have mentioned in the title I am just trying to practice to authenticate account using automation. However, google won’t let me login and it says
this one in the image below, please refer to the image that I will be attaching below.


Overall, I think my workflow architecture is correct and follows the logic. Are there any workaround here? I would appreciate any help/suggestion/ideas.


Please can you look at some of these earlier posts -

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I appreciate the fast reply.

I have read and tried all of the said possible solutions. However, as per to this date the “Less Secure Apps” option that needs to be enable has been removed by Google. I have now generated password through the “App Password” of Google.

However, in the problem that I have posted. I cannot go through the password input box, after inputting the email and tapping the next, it says the “the browser is not secure”. So, I think the App Password that I have generated cannot be set in the input box since I cannot go through.

Anyone who could still help me with this one? I haven’t found the solution yet since the “less secure apps” are now removed by Google. I would appreciate any help.