How to create multiple agent


Can we create multiple agents on single machine.


we can not register multiple agents on single machine with single user.
As agent is configured using machine’s HostName+ip i.e(Admin+ip).

If we try to register AE agent multiple times on same machine (using single windows user),
it shows duplicate agent error and we will not be able to register agent on same machine twice.

However, if our need is that we have to register multiple agents on same machine then,
we have to create multiple users of windows and then we can configure multiple agents,
also we need to increase h/w and s/w configurations to achieve load balancing.

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Thanks Archana.


You can create multiple agents of a single machine. AutomationEdge does support this. However, you need to have more than one systems logins for this.

To understand this better, let us take example of a Windows OS. In this context, lets say if you want to run 3 agents on the same machine, you will need to have 3 windows users accounts on the same machine. So each windows user will use 1 agent.

Important Tip: The number of agents that can run efficiently and the number of transactions that they can handle also majorly depends on the hardware configuration of your machine and the nature of your process automated. Also, there might be some restriction on UI Automation in such scenarios.

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