Registering agent on Another machine

I have the scenario such as One machine Eg. A with having AutomationEdge installation but I need to run the process on another Eg. B from A machine having the installation of AE. I tried using the downloading agent from B machine I run the agent but I got an error Authentication failed.

Please guide me, how can I do?


Hi Amit,

I have a few questions on this:

  1. Do you have enough number of agents in your license to add another agent?
  2. Is any other agent running on your machine B?

I have trial license having one agent on A and no other agent running on B machine.

What is the AE version you are using?

AutomationEdge 5.0

Before we proceed, tell me one thing. Have you copied the agent zip from Machine A to Machine B or have you downloaded the Agent zip on machine B?

I have downloaded agent zip on B machine.

I have sent you a mail on your official ID. Check and reply on the same.

Hi Amit,

As per informed on the mail, you cannot run more than 1 agent in a day when you have 1 agent license. I am not talking about simultaneously, but in general. If you want to run the second agent on the same day, you will have to delete your existing agent (thereby losing all your configurations related to that agent). Post this, you will be able to download and use the new agent.

Thank you very much. Its work.