How to install Process Studio

How to install Process Studio

First time installation from R6.1.0 onwards

  • Download Process Studio for i) Windows or ii) Linux, with the Download button(/dropdown) on the Process Studio menu page on AutomationEdge UI.

  • For first time installation, the installation of Process Studio is a simple process of extracting the Process Studio zip file.

  • In the extracted Process Studio go to the bin folder

  • On Windows Platform:
    Run /bin/Process Studio.exe

  • On Linux Platform:
    Run /bin/

Upgrading Process Studio distribution prior to R6.1.0

  • De-register from current Process Studio and then connect via the newly downloaded Process Studio.
  • Directly connect via newly downloaded Process Studio. In this case the older Process Studio instance is automatically de-registered and rendered unusable.

Upgrading Process Studio distribution R6.1.0 onwards

  • Run Process Studio. It will automatically upgrade to the latest Process Studio available on AE Sever. There is no need to download again.