INFO AECredentialServiceImpl:329 - pool locked🔒: Request got stuck in ‘Executed Started’ state?


Agent didn’t pick Request as per the schedule, and ‘Read Time Out’ exception occurred.

Request got stuck in ‘Executed Started’ state.

2020-07-09 10:33:44 http-nio-8080-exec-546 INFO AECredentialServiceImpl:320 - Request to borrow credential for pool <AE BOT> with instance <164327>

2020-07-09 10:33:44 http-nio-8080-exec-546 INFO AECredentialServiceImpl:329 - pool locked <AE BOT>

Solution: :key:

Multiple requests were expected to use credentials from the Credential pool, but the pool was locked as it was already consumed by other requests.

Hence, the request got stuck in execution started state.

Example: Let us consider if in Credential pool the credentials are being consumed by 2 requests simultaneously and if there is a 3rd request that wishes to access the Credential pool, in this case, the 3rd request has to wait for one of the Credentials to be released so the request can consume credential for execution.

What to do? To resolve this? :point_down:

It is recommended to add more credentials in the Credential Pool, so while execution the requests has get access to the required credential pool.:slightly_smiling_face:

To add credentials:

  • Login to AutomationEdge Server.

  • Go to Workflows tab.

  • Select Credentials and Click on Add New button.

  • Fillup required details and create.

  • Finally, Move the credential to required Credential Pool.

Enjoy the automation with ☞ AutomationEdge!!