Credential Pool

If we directly move credentials into credential pool , Then what is the difference between both?

Hi Priyanka,

When new credential is created it does not belong to any credential pool. Credential pool can be populated by moving required credentials to pool.
Credentials which do not belong to any pool can be used individually as config time /run time parameter for workflow.

In some use cases; external system allow only one active session per user at a time. Credential pool can be used in such scenarios. Credential pools , allows single session per credential in pool at a time.
When credential pool is used as config time parameter, the pooling mechanism will be used. When workflow request comes for execution; credential from pool which is not being used will be allocated. While executing request if all credentials in the pool are busy then request will be retried after some time.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Renuka Bedre