Introducing two new AutomationEdge YouTube Channels

I would like to inform you that there are two new YouTube channels regarding AutomationEdge which will give you interesting hints and tips on how to use AutomationEdge and demo use cases and other product walkthroughs

  1. AutomationEdge Cookbook
  2. AutomationEdge Demos & Tutorials

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I have added a new video to the How to use AutomationEdge Conversational AI with AI Studio playlist on the Automationedge Cookbook youtube channel.

Hi! Here is a video on - How to install AutomationEdge AI Studio

Hi! Here are two new videos for you to jump-start with out-of-the-box sample AutomationEdge AI Studio NLU, Knowledge Management and CogniBot projects:

This video is in the series to display how to use AutomationEdge AI Studio for Conversational AI.
This video displays How to use Mapping in AutomationEdge AI Studio NLU Projects

========= Video Topic Wise Reference Timeline: =========
00:00 Introduction
01:04 Open Sample NLU Project
01:38 Mappings
01:53 Mapping for Tableau Access
02:13 Mapping for Production Issue
02:53 Test Tableau Access
03:47 Create a new Mapping for conference room booking