Invalid License Issue on AE Server

Invalid License Issue on AE Server

Check the License-Details tab from AEUI and check the expiry date of the latest license

Check the MAC address of the machine.

Validate the MAC address with the license-file MAC address. You can find the MAC address below location:

  1. AE License file
  2. Check the ae_license_details table from the VAE database. You will find all the license entries uploaded to the server.

If there is a difference in the system’s current MAC address and License MAC address, then this is the reason for this issue and to resolve it, need to update the license file with the current MAC address.

If there is no change in the MAC address, then restart the PostgreSQL, ActiveMQ, and Tomcat service and check the portal again.

Contact AutomationEdge Support and check if the license is valid or not.