Its possible to split Excel File in two?

My team and I need to split one Excel File, because of many rows to read are causing a slowness at our Workflow execution.

Anyone had this same problem and solved?

Thanks for any help.

Hello Cassie,

You can split a single Excel file using the Excel Writer plugin step.
Excel Writer step, in Files & Sheet Tab, give row value to which you want to split the excel file, in Split every …data rows input parameter.
For example
If Excel Input file has 100 rows and value given in Split every …data rows is 50, it will divide the file into two files
a] 1 - 50 rows
b] 51 - 100 rows.
Attached is the workflow for your reference.
WF_SplitExcel_Into_MultipleFiles.psw (17.5 KB)


Thanks, Kalyani.
We will try!